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A unique loyalty program that gives you instant cashback on every purchase across all our services with a signup bonus of Rs.500. Earn 5% value on every bill of over Rs.500 with one year validity and 10% bonus points for same day validity. You can also Earn 100 points (per person) for referring this loyalty programme to your friends and Bonus points on your Birthday.


Pay with points for any purchase at The House of MG (Up to 50% of the billed amount) of over Rs.500* T & C applicable.

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EARN POINTS EVERY TIME YOU make a purchase of Rs.500 or more!

Redeem your points as soon as you earn to enjoy more benefits.
1 Point = Rs 1/-
For hotel bills, the loyalty points would be credited at the time of settlement.
Ask cashier to redeem your accumulated points against your bill value.
You'll be notified about your points via SMS and in the Mobile App.
Signup Bonus points cannot be redeemed on same day. Earned points cannot be redeemed for the same service venue within 2 hours.

Terms and Conditions

  1. No membership fee for registration.
  2. Eligible for individual above age of 16.
  3. Full name and the phone number are mandatory for registration in the program.
  4. Your phone number would be the unique identification number for the membership.
  5. The validity of points accumulated in any calendar year shall be one year from the date of earning the points.
  6. Periodic updates on the number of ‘points accumulated’ and ‘points nearing expiry' shall be sent to members via an SMS.
  7. The membership points, benefits & privileges are non-transferable & may only be used by the member.
  8. The use of the privileges and associated benefits are deemed to be an acceptance of terms and conditions (which can be amended time to time).
  9. The management reserves the right to terminate the membership with all points forfeited without prior notice if the member:
    • - Breaches any membership terms and conditions
    • - Behaves in an unruly manner while in store premises
  10. Your 500 sign up bonus points cannot be redeemed on same day.
  11. Same number cannot claim bonus points twice by becoming a member twice.
  12. Member should be able to deregister from membership but cannot claim a bonus again by reregistering.
  13. Points earned at one venue cannot be redeemed at same venue within two hours.

Disclaimer: MobiQuest and m'Loyal are trademarks of MobiQuest Mobile Technologies Pvt.Ltd. House of MG and the modular logo are registered trademarks of The House of MG.


MobiQuest and m'Loyal are trademarks of MobiQuest Mobile Technologies Pvt.Ltd. The House of Mg and the Modular logos are registered trademarks of The House of Mg Refer and Earn